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Page Vault Launcher for Windows

This is our most commonly used app for starting Page Vault Browser.

IT Admins: this is a Click-Once app that installs in user space, for a single user. If you require a system-level installer for all users on a machine, see our MSI Installers below.

Page Vault Launcher for Mac

macOS users, after your download completes, copy the file to your Applications folder. Double-click to run Page Vault Browser. No further installation is required.

IT Admins: MSI Installer

IT Admins, if you would like to install Page Vault Launcher for all users on a machine, use one of the downloads below:

Download 32-bit .msi     Download 64-bit .msi

IT Admins: if your users are having trouble starting Page Vault Browser, please see our Page Vault Browser Troubleshooting document online.